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Flood in Canada

Saturday, 06 May 2017

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6 May 2017
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Public Safety Canada
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Canadian Space Agency

Description of the event

The Canadian city of Montreal was hit by heavy flooding on 6 May, due to torrential rains and melting snow following the rise in temperature. As a result, a state of emergency was announced and 1,900 homes have been flooded across 126 towns and cities in the east of Canada, across the province of Quebec. It has been confirmed by the local authorities that this safety measure will remain in place for about 48 hours.

Furthermore, this flooding not only affected the east of Montreal, but it also has its footprints on the west of Montreal. As a result, an emergency has been declared in the town of Rigaud and an order of evacuation has been issued by the mayor in the flood zones.

Besides Quebec, the province of Ontario has also been significantly affected by flooding caused by heavy rainfall. In southern Ontario, the Canadian Press news agency has confirmed that Lake Ontario's water level has reached an extent not seen since 1993.