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Flood in Chile

samedi, 13 mai 2017

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13 May 2017
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It was reported that several cities would be at risk of heavy rainfall and consequent flooding, including La Serena and Santiago in Chile. Local authorities predicted that the capital of Santiago would have 25-50mm that is about 1-2 inches of rain on 12 May.

However, that prediction was an understatement and on 13 May, Santiago, a city on the west coast was hit by heavy flooding; resulting from heavy rain and winds, due to a storm spinning in the Pacific Ocean. The country faced wet weather earlier in the week which intensified on 11 May causing heavy flooding over the weekend.

Following this catastrophic event, it has been reported that two people have died and over 3000 people were forced to leave their homes. Several cars and other vehicles had been wrecked on the waterlogged streets as a result of the Salado River banks overflowing into the town and dividing it into two.