Snowfall in South Korea

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Type of Event Other - Snow
Location of Event South Korea
Date of Charter Activation 10 February 2014
Charter Requestor NIDP
Project Management Satellite Information Research Laboratory (SIRL)

Description of the Event

Heavy snowfall in eastern areas of South Korea is affecting mountain, coastal and urban areas.

Gangwon province received the most snowfall with reports of 72cm of snow falling in Jinburyeong on Saturday 09 February. Urban areas in the province were also badly hit with the coastal cities of Gangneung and Samcheok receiving around 55cm of snow.

Access to mountain regions have been closed off, isolating a number of towns and villages in Gangwon province. In Gangneung and Sokcho public transport has been reduced and some schools have temporarily closed.

On Sunday 09 February Korea Meteorological Administration forecasted more snowfall, as much as 10 to 30cm, mainly concentrated on mountainous and eastern coastal areas. Other regions are expected to receive no more than 5cm of snowfall.

Images and/or Image product Delivered under the Charter

Map of snow cover in eastern areas of South Korea

Source: Terra MODIS

Acquired: 02:22 - 15/02/2014

Copyright NASA
Map produced by KARI / NDMI


Snow Hazard - South Korea Eastern Coastal Area

Source: Landsat-8

Acquired: 16/02/2014

Copyright Landsat-8 data and products © USGS (2014) - All rights reserved
Map produced by KARI