Flood in Colorado, USA

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Type of Event Flood
Location of Event Colorado, United States of America
Date of Charter Activation 13 September 2013
Charter Requestor USGS on behalf of National Guard Bureau/State of Colorado
Project Management USGS

Description of the Event

An emergency has been declared in Colorado, USA, where storm rains have caused flooding. Thousands of people have been advised to evacuate and at least three people have been killed.

Boulder County has been most affected, where water levels are continuing to rise and roads have been cut off by floodwaters and debris.

Houses have been inundated or demolished by the powerful streams of water and it has been reported that some towns have been isolated by the flooding, including Jamestown, Lyons and Longmont which have been turned into islands by the sheer amount of water.

After a long period of drought, locals have commented that they have had almost a year's amount of rain.

Federal aid has been ordered, and the National Guard has been assisting relief and coordination efforts.

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