Flood in Colombia

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Type of Event Flood
Location of Event Colombia
Date of Charter Activation 19/11/2010
Charter Requestor UNITAR/UNOSAT on behalf of UN OCHA
Project Management UNITAR/UNOSAT

Description of the Event

Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos has declared a state of emergency across most of the country, amid what he says is the worst rainy season in 60 years. More than 130 people have been killed as floods have brought havoc in 28 out of Colombia’s 32 provinces.

Well over a million people have been affected by overflowing rivers and mudslides. Thousands of people have been given relief supplies. Houses have been flooded, some completely submerged, and many people are homeless. The country's second annual rainy season began in September with particular intensity, as the weather phenomenon La Nina brought lower temperatures in central and eastern parts of South America.

The government says the state lacks funds for the relief effort and needs nearly 240 million euros. Last weekend the president launched an appeal for international aid.

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Floods in the Atlantic provinces and Magdalena, Colombia (22 November 2010)

Source: Radarsat 1, Radarsat 2

Acquired: 7/04/2010, 22/11/2010

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